Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tree in the Graveyard

Day 93

I took pictures of this tree this spring when it was a lovely yellow color in full bloom. Here is that picture again.

This is a close up picture of the flowers on the tree.

This is what the tree looks like now.

This is what replaced the beautiful flowers.

And I'm still not sure what kind of tree this is. One of my friends thinks it's a Shadow tree and the seed pods are poisonous. Any ideas out there??

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wet and Wild

Day 92

I haven't posted here for a while because I've been really busy at work and just trying to survive the end of the school year. Today I took a group of 5th graders to Lake Solano Park for a field trip. It poured rain the whole time we were there. The poor kids were on nature hikes and learning about the water shed. By the time they got back to the bus they were soaking wet and very muddy, cold and hungry. I let them eat their lunch on the bus because there was no shelter for them and all the picnic tables were out in the open and very wet. I spent the morning on the bus but just as we were getting ready to leave, I stepped out of the bus to take these two pictures.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Dixon May Fair

Day 91

Here are a few pictures I took at the Dixon May Fair. We take bus loads of our special kids to the fair every year and they have so much fun. For privacy reasons, I didn't take any pictures of kids that could be identified and I basically stuck to quilts and animals. I had to take this first picture. I was hungry and who can resist fair food!

This quilt caught my eye, too.
I loved this tribute to the Beatles quilt.
This one reminded me of Hawaii.
I post a few more tomorrow.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Loomis Quilt Show and Tea

Day 90
Here are someof the quilts I saw at this show.

Tomorrow I will add some from the Dixon May Fair.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day 89

I've been really busy the last couple of weeks with work and reading some great books on my Kindle. I love this invention. It has helped me break my tv habit and I'm really enjoying reading more than the occasional magazine article and the daily newspaper. A few days ago I finished the novel, "Rooms" by James L. Rubart. I would compare his style of writing suspense to Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti. It was a very good book and I enjoyed it very much. Now I'm reading "Son of Hamas" by Mosab Hassan Yousef with Ron Brackin. It is the story of Mosab's journey from being the son of one of the founding members of Hamas and a Muslim to accepting Jesus Christ as his Savior. It is a facinating book and very hard to put down.

On another note, I've gone to the Loomis Quilt Guild Tea and Quilt show and the Dixon May Fair in the last two weekends. The next several days I will post pictures of some of the beautiful quilts I saw there. But first a picture of the biggest rabbit I've ever seen at the Dixon May Fair.
This rabbit is a French Lop and it was as big as a medium sized dog! I think it probably weighed 20 lbs.