Sunday, May 30, 2010

Tree in the Graveyard

Day 93

I took pictures of this tree this spring when it was a lovely yellow color in full bloom. Here is that picture again.

This is a close up picture of the flowers on the tree.

This is what the tree looks like now.

This is what replaced the beautiful flowers.

And I'm still not sure what kind of tree this is. One of my friends thinks it's a Shadow tree and the seed pods are poisonous. Any ideas out there??


  1. I've never seen that tree before, but it's probably not indigenous to Michigan :)

    It was much prettier covered with flowers :)

  2. Here you go mom. This is your mystery tree

  3. Kim wins the prize for identifiying this tree. It is an Acacia dealbata or(Silver Wattle) and is native to Australia. I wonder how it ended up in the graveyard in Vacaville, Ca.
    By the way,Kim, the prize is a visit from me and Dad in July. LOL.

  4. Fun to see this in different stages mom! :)